The hostesses are responsible for providing the following items:
Party favors for your guests (painted items are nice, but not required).
Centerpiece on table to be raffled to guest at table. You may use personal items to display the centerpiece, e.g. easel for picture, which is not given to winner of the centerpiece, just let guests at table know what items they may take from centerpiece and table setting.
Snacks/munchies for eight - (optional) however, lunch will not be served until noon and guests get there early to shop and look at everything.
Guest name tags
Plastic ware (forks, spoons, knives for eight)
Tablecloth for 60” round table
Napkins for eight
Water/iced tea glasses for eight.
Envelope for guest’s raffle tickets to help them stay organized during luncheon
There will be no side tables. All items for your table have to be on or under your table. It has become a safety hazard for people walking around the room or delivering food to tables.
FSDA provides the following:
Boxed lunch from Panera
Unsweet tea, Sweeteners. An ice maker is in the room for ice
SET UP/CLEAN UP Chelsea Baptist Church youth group will be helping.
 Hostess will set up October 15th 10:00am until 4:00pm. If you need to come later please let Kathy Swigon know.
 Final preparations may be completed after 9:00am the morning of the luncheon.
 Doors open for guests at 10:30am.
Hostesses are responsible for cleanup of their table areas immediately after the lunch-eon. Please remember to bring a trash bag for your table.
FREE TICKETS: One free ticket is available per table for the hostess.
If you cannot sell your tickets please let us know. We have guests that contact us wanting to buy tickets and we can sell your tickets for you. Once all your tickets are sold the envelope with the guests’ names should be returned to Sherrie Col-gain. Please remind your guests to bring their tickets to the luncheon. Their bid-ding number for the silent auction is printed on their ticket
Please do not hold checks. You can turn them in to Sherrie Colgain at any meeting. Deadline for all ticket money is September 18, 2021.
Let’s have a great time and make lots of money!

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