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2018 Projects

December 15th: Christmas Party

Date:                December 15th

Time:               10:30am

Location:        Old Carrollwood Rec Center

                          3515 McFarland Rd, Tampa, FL 33618

Cost:                 $20.00 per person.


November 17th:Happy Holidays with Jill Macfarlane

Supplies to Bring:

Brushes, I use Scharff Angle Brushes but students can use flats if they wish.

One inch Angle,5/8’ angle, 1/2”angle, 1/4” angle, 0/0 liner, #1 flat brush for lettering, A long liner of any small size, A 1/2 “ mop, A 5/8” or 1/2” Feather Edge, Numerous Stippling brushes. Please bring normal painting supplies.

Supplies furnished:

The surface approximately 12 x 12”, prepped with pattern, and paint, and so we can sit to paint immediately.  I know we will have a great time painting together. 

Cost: $14.00.  Please give Kathy Swigon a deposit so we can get the pieced cut and I will begin prep.

 To signed up for this project please email


October 20th: Lynn Merritt Acrylic Painting MAINE COON KITTY

Supplies furnished:

Lynn will supply these colors: EYES and NOSE colors : Hauser Lt Green, Hauser Dk Green, Lemon Yellow, Gooseberry Pink

Cost: $5.00

Supplies to Bring:

Surface of your choice base coated with Buttermilk or a light Tan with the pattern applied. PAINT (DecoArt) White, Khaki Tan, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Black and a Peacock teal or color of your choice for the ribbon and background. BRUSHES: good fine liner (0-1-00), filbert (4 or 6), flats (4, 6) with good chisel edges, filbert rake or rake (if you have one). Your regular acrylic painting supplies, wet palette, paper palette, paper towels, water basin.

If you have not already signed up for this project please email


Click on the pattern picture above.  It will open in a new window, right click on the picture and select save as picture.  Save in a folder so you can find it later and print it for the project.

September 15th: Meeting Location

The September 15th, 2018 will be held at Tampa Bay Baptist Conference Center (TBBCC) at 15601 Lake Magdalene Blvd., Tampa.  Because we received a generous rental rate for the room, and they have waved the usual per person fee, of $3.00, Chapter members are asked to reciprocate by buying their lunch from TBBCC that day.   The menu will include:  Chicken Salad on a Kaiser roll; tomato – cucumber salad; chips; dessert; and beverage, all for $10.  .  We are buying and taking in breakfast treats and coffee and the $10 helps to cover that as well.

                        ~~No tickets will be available the day of the meeting~~
 We must give TBBCC a head count, so the ticket purchase deadline is September 1st.    You can sign up at

September 15th: Pam Thomas  Acrylic Painting on water color paper

Supplies furnished:

paint, cards, envelopes, colored card stock, watercolor paper, Stickles, tail feathers, tape runner, patterns, instructions, photos of project and stamps for sentiments. If you have other sentiment stamps you can bring them. I will have black and dark blue ink pads available. 

Cost: $5.00

Supplies to Bring:

Please bring wet palette, Paper palette, Tracing paper, paper towels, water basin, pencil, eraser, graphite paper, your regular acrylic supplies and some Small scissors.

Brushes: 1/4”, 3/8 and 1/2 angle brushes, 10/0 liner brush, and a small round brush.

If you have not signed up for the September project please txt Pam Thomas 813-340-1256 or email 

August 18th: Rocio Hanson Oil Roses in a vase

August: Rocio Hanson Oil Roses in a vase
Supplies provided: an 8 x 10 Ampersand Gesso board, Oil paints, Walnut oil and a picture
Cost: $ 12.00 per student.
Supplies to bring: # 10, 12, 8 Flat brushes for oils, a good liner, a mop brush.
Graphite paper, Tracing paper , Stylus, Palette knife, Oil paint palette or oil paint pa-per palette, 1 little jar for the walnut oil (furnished),1 little jar with Murphy oil l for cleaning the brushes (bring), Viva or a good paper towels, Table top easel
This is A la Prima painting, all the preparation and painting will be done in class.

July 21st: Vicky Fornito— Acrylic Christmas in July

July: Vicky Fornito— Acrylic Christmas in July
Supplies furnished: prepared surface, instructions, picture and paint.
Cost is $11.

If you bring your own surface. (To prep the surface background with a mix of graphite, light buttermilk and a touch of tomato red. It is supposed to have a distressed wood look.) Pattern size is approx. 5 x 7.

Cost $6.00 includes paint and pattern.
Supplies to Bring: regular painting supplies, water well, palette paper, paper towels, scruffy brush, 00 liner and ¾ inch shader.
If you did not sign up at the June Meeting , to insure you have a surface you must sign up by emailing ,

June 16th: Jean Archer— Heat Set Oils on a Memory Box 

Memory boxes are gifts to parents who have lost an infant as a special place to keep mementos of their child such as a lock of hair and the baby’s bracelet.  The painted memory boxes will be donated to Florida Hospital.

Cost There will be no cost if you donate one painted box. If you choose to keep the box, the class fee is $10. A second prepared box is $6 but must be ordered by the end of May. You are welcome to bring your own second surface back-grounded with acrylics.

Supplies furnished are: Prepared boxes, Genesis paint and mediums, photos and printed instructions.

Supplies to bring: ¼”, 1/8”, and 3/8” angle or #2, #4, and #6” bright flats, your favorite liner brush, grey transfer paper, stylus, crooked-handled palette knife, paper towels. The brushes can be cleaned at the end with Dawn dish soap. 

May 19th: Kathy Swigon – Colored pencils on fabric Mouse pad 

Cost $13. includes Kathy’s original design pattern and mouse pad.

Supplies to bring: : #8 filbert or #8 flat, hand-held pencil sharpener, stylus, grey graphite and the following Prismacolor pencils:

PC918, Orange, PC917 Sunburst Yellow, PC916 Canary Yellow, PC925 Crimson Lake, PC937 Tuscan Red, PC943 Burnt Ochre, PC947 Dark Umber, PC1002 Yellow Orange, PC1032 Pumpkin Orange, PC1078 Black Cherry, PC1097 Moss Green. Sign up at the April Meeting or 

April 21st: Bonnie Phillips – Acrylic pouring. 

Learn what  Acrylic Pouring is all about. It is fun and easy. 

Cost $12. includes White paint, Pouring medium, Disposable cups, Stir sticks, Plastic trash bags, Samples, water containers, instructions, photos and extras from the supply list for those who forget some things. 

Supplies needed:  Two 8 x 10 canvases - no larger, or gessoed wood - not varnished. May be old acrylic painting. Two disposable pans preferably with lids ($1 each at the Family Dollar Store).  Apron, Disposable gloves, Liquid Acrylics in your favorite colors (think contrast and color wheel). Does not have to be new but does need to be thin), Paper Towels, Masking tape and scissors.  Sign up at


March 17th Project: Teacher Sandy Neuling, TDA,

An acrylic project of a garden flag or banner with Shamrocks.
Cost $7.00: Includes prepared the surface with the Pattern applied, and paint Provided by Deco Art. The skills promoted in this class are basing, floating, blending, line-work and working with values.
Supplies to bring: a support ( 10” x 15”) to put behind your Roclon fabric ( It can be a clip-board, Foam-core or just a piece of heavy smooth cardboard covered with Freezer wrap), normal acrylic supplies including a wet palette, water container, paper towels.
brushes: Filberts, #6, #8. Flats, #6, #8, and #10. 10/0 liner brush or your favorite. Optional: Angle, 3/8”.
Please sign up for this project at and at the February Meeting.

February 17th Project: Teacher Sherrie Colgain

A gourd chick:

The cost : $12.00 which includes the bottle gourd, a tube of Quick Wood and instructions.                                        Supplies: Brushes - 3/4" flat, #12 flat, #2 or #4 flat, 1/2" angle, detail brush and a liner brush,Stylus,Wooden chop sticks or clay tools (optional)                                                               Regular painting supplies (brush basin, paper towels, etc.)

Please sign up at the January meeting or email:

January 20th Project: Teacher Michelle Shroyer

Scratch Art: cost $12.00
Please signup:
Bring: . Scissors, White graphite paper, Stylus, Painters tape, Paper towels, Pallet, Water container, #4 or #6 round brush, and a large soft brush (can be a large mop).

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