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2021 Projects

Christmas Party Date TBA

November 20th Make and Take 

October 16th Très Chic

September 18th Project:  TBA  Bonnie Phillips 

August 21st Project:  TBA  Stephanie Robinson 

July 17th Project:  Mermaid Ornament  Sherrie Colgain 

June 19th Project:  Whimsical Rooster Lee Reynolds 

Location: Baptist Convention Center
Address: 15601 Lake Magdalene Blvd, Tampa, FL 33613
It'll be the first building on the right.
Date: June 19th, 2021 In person and Zoom Meeting
Time: Door will open at 9 am Meeting starts at 10:00 am

Whimsical rooster use colors of your choice,  plus  some “stroke work” that will be fun and easy.  Background any piece a dark color.  I used black.  I also used a liner and small filbert but use the brush you are most comfortable using.  I watch a rosemaler named, Art of Lise, on you tube and she uses a round brush to do her paintings.   I have two sizes for the pattern:  The little one is done on a black disc almost 3 inches round.  I used Royal Fuchsia, metallic gold, sour apple, bright yellow, white, peacock teal and bright orange but choose your colors because there is no rule here.  The other pattern measures about 6x6 so you can do on any size surface as long as it fits.

Colors of your choice, Brushes of your choice

Surface of your choice to accommodate a small rooster pattern (3 inches) or the bigger pattern that will require at least 6x6 inches to paint.

click  Pattern  to open the the pattern in a new window.


May 15thProject:  Spring lady Bugs Rocio Hanson 

Date: May 15th, 2021 In person and Zoom Meeting

Location: Messiah Lutheran Church Christian Life Center Bldg.

Address: 14920 Hutchison Road (1/2 block North of Ehrlich Rd.) Tampa, Fl.

Time: Door will open at 9 am Meeting starts at 9:30 am 

SPRING LADY BUGS.    This is an easy project but due to the short time we have, the surface: Flower Pot NEEDS to be basecoat with a very light green, I used SAGE GREEN. It can be light blue. your preference. TRANSFER YOUR PATTERN and basecoat the flower with WHITE, two coats. I will provide the paints. we will be mixing them as we paint.

 Cost: $ 5.00



BRUSHES: FILBERT # 6, FLATS 10, 1/2 , ANGULAR 1/2”, ROUND # 4, LINER # 1


 click   Pattern to open the pattern in a new window.

April 17thProject:  Stick Roses on wooden cut outs Kathy Swigon 

We’ll be painting little rays of sunshine in April with stick roses on wooden cutouts.  These are from Dollar Tree but are probably no longer available since I painted them in February.   They have other seasonal cutouts that will work.  I originally painted these as Random Acts of Kindness for my mom to pass out to her friends in her assisted living facility.  You can paint these stick roses on any surface...note cards, little gift boxes, notebooks, any shape of wooden cutouts, Easter eggs, etc.  you will only need  4 paint colors, a bright pink, white, light green and medium/dark green as well as several different sizes of dowel rods, pencils with flat erasers, crayons or even palette knife with  a flat handle end.  I decoupaged printed paper napkins to the back for added interest.  They go very quickly so prepare more than one surface.  Let’s see how creative we all are ! 

March 20th Project: Mandala Painting Toni Hoffer

Supplies: 6x6 canvas panel

Paints: Black, Turquoise, True Blue, Purple Pizazz, Sour Apple, Gold

Standard sized pencil, Fat Primary sized pencil, Stylus with large tip,

Small wooden dowel, Hairdryer, Ruler, Q-tips, White chalk pencil

 Wet paper towel or rag

 Base coat canvas panel in Black before class so it will be dry

The project piece has to be a minimum of 6x6.

Any questions let me know.

Toni Hoffer


February 20th Project:  Dogwood on a black cloth; Jean Archer 

Black or dark solid color face mask or dark fabric of choice. (Mine are 100% Cotton but part cotton is fine.) Cardboard or stiff support. Painters tape to tape down fabric to support. Tracing paper, Red label Scotch brand tape (optional), Stylus or ball point pen, white transfer paper, Palette, Water basin and paper towels.

Deco Art’s So Soft Fabric Paint (or Acrylics in comparable colors plus Fabric Painting Medium) So Soft colors: So Soft Transparent Medium (important), Pearl Medium (optional but I used it to pearlized colors), White, Black, 3 values of green: Hauser Dark, Avocado, and Hauser Light, Burnt Sienna, Deep Periwinkle Blue and Lavender (or ribbon colors of your choice in 3 values: Light, Medium and Dark.)

Small Brushes: 1/4” angle brush, 1/8” angle brush, 0 liner brush, #0 or #1 droplet or spotter brush


January 16thProject:  flowers on glass plate Vicki Fornito 

Leaves can be any colors of green utilizing a dark and a light color, no need for a middle value green unless you want as we will be blending the dark and light beside each other which will create a medium value.  Flowers’ colors will be one color plus a white or if you want to utilize a third color to add more dimension that is fine.  Geraniums come in a lot of different colors so pick your favorite colors if you want, you don’t have to go by what I used.  There is no pattern for this piece as you will not be able to put a pattern on a glass unless you want to paint it on which is up to you. The following list is what I used:

Using Folkart  Gloss Acrylic Paints OR  DecoArt Multi-surface Gloss Enamels use the following colors:  Depending on what paints you can find – you can mix the two paint brands, they do fine.

Folkart  - Thicket (Dark Green)

Folkart – Hauser Green medium

DecoArt – Apple Green for a lighter color if you wish

Folkart – any Red

Folkart – any pink

Folkart  - any orange

Folkart  or Deco – WHITE

Folkart or Deco – Dark Red

BRUSHES:  Filbert – size 8 or 6 depending on what surface you are painting on.  If you are using a large white plate – I used an #8 filbert for the leaves

                     Medium sized flat brush for the leaves

                      Any liner brush

                      Stylus with a medium fine tip

Additional Supplies:   Large white dinner plate which you can buy at the Dollar Tree   Regular supplies needed for painting


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