2020 Projects

November 21st Project: Winter Whims Stephanie Robinson

Stephanie Robinson will be teaching Winter Whims, an Erika Joanne de-sign. at the November 21 zoom meeting. All members who want to paint will need to purchase a $10 packet that includes, line drawing, color pho-to and the watercolor paper surface. You can order cubbies of JS paints or use that list to convert to your favorite brand. Mail the order form to Stephanie (12213 Winding Woods Way, Lakewood Ranch FL 34202 )
no later than October 31. This allows time to order the materials and then get them to me for distribution. You can use any brand of paint (just look at the color photo to match as you choose) or you can order cubbies of JS paints. The design is base coated in paint and then shaded and detailed with pencils. Stephanie states that the colored pencils work better over JS paints, but you can use DecoArt. That is your choice. Please don't forget to mail before the deadline. If you have questions you can ask me or Stephanie.
Kathy Swigon, CDA


Saturday October 24, 2020

TIME: 10 AM to 5 PM

PLACE: Jean Archer’s Garage 7109 Lauder Place Tampa, FL 33617

October 17th Project: Boo taught by Kathy Swigon

Little BOO plaque: I designed on an arched sign from Dollar Tree but you may use any surface, just enlarge or shrink the pattern to fit your surface.
Supplies Needed: Regular acrylic paint supplies
Paint colors: you can use any brand. (these are Jo Sonja names)
Carbon Black, Tiger Lily (orange), Turners Yellow (middle pumpkin), Gold Oxide (left pumpkin), Red Earth (right pumpkin), Naples Yellow Hue (you can use White + Yellow) and Brilliant Green for stems.
Fine Point Black Identipen or Sharpie marker. Ribbon
. Brushes: #3 round, flat wash for base coating and a #6 filbert for pumpkins. We'll do a quick, easy technique around the edge to make it look like it's a slate.
Please join us on the 17th for a fun little fall project.

September 19th Project: Roses with sayings Taught by Lee Reynolds

Will be doing easy projects.
Can use acrylic paint, watercolor paints, pencils, whatever me-dium they want to use.
Can use watercolor paper or canvas (depends on what medium you choose).
Black waterproof pen such as sharpie, ident a pen, micron pens.
Wassi tape was used to put around edge but not necessary.
We will start with the one that has the blue background and if time, proceed with the pink flower 2nd.

April 18th Project: Fish Water Color Taught by Lee Reynolds canceled

Cost: $5.00
Supplies Furnished: pattern, watercolor paper and small straw
Supplies to bring:
Watercolor paints (Prang water color set, or you water color pallet), paper towels, water container, brushes, tracing paper and graphite paper, small fine point waterproof micron  pen .05 or .01, and a Painters opaque paint marker ultra fine. White or color of your chose. A can of canned air if you have one, if not a straw will be used to blow the paint around.

March 21st Project: Lady and Leaves Water Color Taught by Kathy Edwards 

March 21st Meeting has been canceled

Cost: $5.00

Supplies Furnished: the water color paper and patterns.

Supplies to bring: Prang water color set, or you water color pallet, paper towels, water container, large, medium and small round brushes, a 1 inch flat, a liner brush, painter’s tape, 2 water resistant surfaces at least 9x12 ,tracing paper and graphite paper.


February 15th Project: Jingle Bells Taught by Kathy Swigon 

The February program will be the Peggy Harris birds she designed for all the SDP Chapters of Distinction.  These are painted in Folk Art Acrylics but she mentions that they are also cute done with colored pencils--which you may try if you'd like. I will be instructing in acrylics. 

 Program Fee: Free

 Supplies to bring:    Folk Art Acrylics:  Burgundy, Burnt Umber, Linen (background color), Lipstick Red, Medium Yellow, Black, Pure Orange, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Sap Green, Titanium White and Inca Gold metallic.  Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Joann carry these Folk Art paints or you may substitute a like color from your own supplies.

 Brushes:  1/8" filbert grass comb, #12/0 pointed round (liner), #20/0 script liner (very fine liner), #12/0 angle, 3/16" soft mop (for blending), old flat brushes.   These brushes are available at Michael's, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby and probably Blick and AOE.  I highly recommend you have these very small brushes or you will have difficulty with all the detail.  You need to look for Royal Langnickle, Princeton, and Masters Touch (HL), the Synthetic  Golden Taklon bristles.  Be on the lookout for a sale or use your coupons as they can be pricey if you purchase several not on sale. 

Other Supplies:  Folk Art Blending Gel Medium (optional) or JoSonja Magic Mix (I will bring), hair dryer other usual acrylic painting supplies

 Surface preparation:  Base coat with Linen, 2 coats, sanding lightly between coats.  Peggy suggests spraying your prepped surface with a matte acrylic spray before transferring the design lightly with grey graphite paper.  I personally do not use matte spray, but it will help you remove paint if needed.  PLEASE HAVE YOUR SURFACE PREPPED, DESIGN ON AND READY TO PAINT BEFORE CLASS.

 I strongly suggest that everyone use the largest line drawing.  These are small birds with minute details.  You will need to have the best tiny brushes you have to avoid stress when painting such detail.  I found some 6" round discs at Walmart, made by Plaid, that fit the larger design just right. Or, you may have the perfect surface in your own stash--it doesn't have to be an ornament.  I always love seeing what everyone brings to paint on.  

Click on Patterns and Instructions to down load and print out for this program..

Contact me if you have questions:  kswigon@yahoo.com   210-274-1395 

January 18th Project: Paintbrush faces Taught by Sandy Hoffman

We will have a brief review of facial features then have fun painting a cute paintbrush with a face. These seem to make everyone smile.
The prep on the paintbrush will be done in advance (thanks to some of your board members who offered to do this for you!) but just in case you are interested: (The metal ferrule on the paint brush must be cleaned (I wiped them down with alcohol), then primed with a paint meant to adhere to metal. I used Sherwin Williams Extreme bond primer. (On my first attempt, I tried an acrylic basecoat and it peeled off. This Sherwin Williams primer stuck to the metal.). The bristles need to be stiff. Simply do what you are told never to do! Load the bristles with paint – all the way up to the ferrule – with any hair color you like – then leave it to dry. Next, put a coat of any flesh tone on the front of the brush in an oval shape, and part-way down the handle. Let that dry.)

I repeat: This prep work described above will be done for you.

To have a brush prepared for you must sign up by January 11th: by emailing FSDAsignup@gmail.com,  calling Sandy Hoffman 813-748-0277 or calling Kathy Swigon 210-274-1395.

In class we will just be painting the face with oil paint.

Project Fee: $4 includes one brush and the oil paint for the face.

Supplies to bring: A pencil, Something to take notes on, You will need at least two brushes to paint with: A detail brush (spotter, liner, etc.), A filbert brush (Soft bristles about the size of your pinky finger.). This is usually a 4 or 6 in most brands.
Normal painting supplies (a disposable palette, paper towels, etc.)
A small box or disposable tray to lay the paintbrush in for its ride home in the car. (wet oil paint on the back seat of your car is not fun.)
The handles can be decorated/painted with acrylics or embellished with
rhinestones - any way you choose; after the face is dry.


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